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Motorcycles are low-priced as compared to cars and other transports. That is why many people prefer buying motorcycles. Students prefer motorcycles, because they are easily manageable at colleges and universities.

Many professions, such as; police, mail department, hawkers, pizza and fast-food delivery etc. require motorcycles, so that the person can reach his destination on time. If your employer has provided your motorcycle to perform your work responsibilities, then you should take all safety and preventive measures to avoid road traffic accidents. The motorcycle should be in proper working condition. Employers should ensure that their employee knows how to use the motorcycle and wears helmets and dust masks when riding the vehicle. This will help in reducing accidents, to some extents.

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries to the riders. Fractures, Whiplash injuries, deep wounds, pains and trauma are common personal injuries that many accident victims go through. Sometimes, people become incapacitated for the rest of their lives. Apart from these, there are many reports of fatal injuries following a road traffic accident in the United Kingdom.

Did you have a motorcycle accident within last three years? If the accident was not caused by your mistake then we can help you get free claim compensation, guaranteed! Not just this, we will ensure your free medical treatment until your complete recovery.

Claim Simple offers free medical legal advice on road traffic accidents and personal injury claim worth. We can even help you make an accident at work compensation claim, if the motorcycle provided by your employer had a defect that resulted in your injury. If the motorcycle is your own then, Claim Simple will make sure that you get maximum compensation that covers all expenses, including - financial losses, vehicle repair and recovery.

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  • Work Accident Dawn Claimed £3,500
    Successful claims

    "i got received £6,000 for an injury during work."

  • Road AccidentJudy Claimed £12,000
    Successful claims

    "a car hit me during a walk. I got £12000."

  • Whiplash Injury Steve Claimed £4,500
    Successful claims

    "Claim simple helped me get £4500 for my whiplash."

  • Industrial Disease Tracy Claimed £5,500
    Successful claims

    "I had minor skin burns, due to hcl spillage. I received £5,500.

  • Medical Negligence Nikki Claimed £78,000
    Successful claims

    "Doctor removed my kidney instead of liver. I got £5,500.

  • Supermarket AccidentMary Claimed £500
    Successful claims

    "I was trapped in the lift for 20 minutes and missed my appointment. I got £500"

  • Public Lliability Lewis Claimed £480
    Successful claims

    "A child stepped on my kitten, injuring it. I received £480"

  • Personal Injury Irene Claimed £24,000
    Successful claims

    "A ball hit me and I had to go for a surgery.Claim Simple helped me get £24,000"

  • Faulty Equipment Camelia Claimed £34,000
    Successful claims

    "The fingers got stuck in the mixer. I just received £34,000"

  • PPI Compensation Leslie Claimed £42,00.
    Successful claims

    "I got mis-sold PPI. ClaimSimple sent me £42,00."