If you have invested in Carbon Credits at the recommendation of your Financial Advisor, you may have a claim.

Carbon Credits came into being in the late 90’s, and you will have seem many high-profile people (Mr Cameron to name one) talking them up.

Carbon Credits were a generous way of helping companies with high carbon emissions (think airlines, manufacturing, non-green power etc) reduce their Carbon Footprint by allowing them to purchase Carbon Credits from other, ‘greener’ companies who weren’t using theirs.

Any ‘spare’ credits were snapped up by investors and sold on to many thousands of people in the UK as part of a Self-Invested Personal Pension aka SIPP.

As these investments (like every other one in this blog) were un-regulated, upon their inevitable collapse all of these investors lost millions. The worst part, was that these Investors should never have been advised to invest in such a risky product in the first place. Their ‘trusted Financial Advisor’ put their own needs above their clients and failed to conduct sufficient checks to make sure they were comfortable with the risk.

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