Ethical Forestry was sold as a ‘Green’ Investment, with one of their biggest selling points being that you could get a great return on your investment, while helping to save the planet.

Over 3,000 investors were encouraged to invest in Ethical Forestry by brokers and Financial Advisors since around 2012.

Massive returns were quoted by smooth talking sales people – upwards of over £100,000 yield on an £18,000 investment over a 12 year period, to entice people to part with their hard earned Pensions & cash, as there was little to no risk involved.

It’s absolutely true that no great reward comes without great risk, however the promises made were entirely contrary to that.

The lack of care taken by Financial Advisors all over the country led to thousands of people being advised to transfer their Pensions into a Self-Invested Personal Pension in order that they may invest in this ‘un-regulated’ scheme.

This, like many other investments, suffered a massive loss in value following natural disaster and poor financial management, and is now effectively worthless.

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